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The Carnival Costumes

Join the party!!

Just like a movie or a play, during Carnival YOU can actually become part of the show! This is a unique experience of music, sounds and party like nowhere else in the world. The Carnival Parade is broadcasted all around the world and can be one of the stars of the events. 

The simplest, fastest and safest way to book your costume is through a specialized agency with years of experience working with the Samba Schools of Rio and with tourists from all around the world
We have 4 options of Samba Schools and at least two costumes for each. The costumes always belong to a "ala" and that determines your place in the parade. The meeting point is called "aquecimento" where, a couple hours before the show, the "alas"gather around while listen and get used to the samba the school will present in this year.
Important information: 
  • The costumes are made by one of the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro. Here you can find a costume for each day of Carnival
  • The costume needs to be picked up at our Carnaval Center in Copacabana (unless your purchase includes our delivery service). 
  • Buying a costume does not include a ticket to watch the show. For those who are interested in buying additional tickets to see the parade on the same day, please visit our page, Rio carnival Tickets 
  • If interested, you can order our delivery service to your hotel in Rio.
  • For those looking for an easier way to navigate the costume experience and the parade, you are welcome to join our "Costume Experience" group. The group will be escorted together to the parade by one of our Carnival guides. If you would like this option, make sure to add "Costume Experience" to your cart. 
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