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Check out the schedule of the Carnival's Parade in 2024

It’s known that this spectacular show has proper dynamics and rules. Below you can find specifically in what dates and orders the Samba Schools will parade:

carnival 2024 schedule parade rio de janeiro

Access Group - The Second League Samba School Parade 2024 - Samba School Parade Schedule

Friday, February 09th Saturday, February 10th
União do Parque Acari
Sereno de Campo Grande 
Império da Tijuca Em Cima da Hora
Acadêmicos de Vigário Geral Arranco do Engenho de Dentro
Inocentes de Belford Roxo União da Ilha
Estácio de Sá Unidos de Padre Miguel
União de Maricá São Clemente
Acadêmicos de Niterói Unidos de Bangu
Unidos da Ponte Império Serrano


Main Parade - The First League Samba School Parade 2024 - Samba School Parade Schedule

Sunday, February 11th Monday, February 12th
Porto da Pedra Mocidade 
Beija-Flor Portela
Salgueiro Vila Isabel
Grande Rio Mangueira
Unidos da Tijuca Paraíso do Tuiuti
Imperatriz Leopoldinense Viradouro

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